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Disaster  Recovery and Business Continuity (DR/BC) Plan

Great progress has been made regarding the creation of the Disaster  Recovery and Business Continuity (DR/BC) Plan. This assignment will  address implementation issues such as reviewing policies, training, and  testing methodologies. In addition, preparation for implementation will  include mitigation plans prior to an event, during an event, and after  an event. For this assignment, you

How surrogate decision-making differs from routine decision-making

Read the scenario and answer questions. A middle-aged, homeless woman who was brought to the emergency room after suffering a massive intracranial hemorrhage. She was profoundly lethargic, possessed medication for schizophrenia, and showed signs of a previous stroke. The clinicians who evaluated her believed that medical interventions could preserve her life, but that it was

How has social media changed marketing?

Introduction Generally, marketing has been developing along with the world which revolves around it. From the perspective that marketing never occupies an exact science, there has been strategic mechanisms that are generally employed to improve the marketing mix as well as the marketing strategies utilized within the respective marketing field. Such mechanisms include social media

Financial management strategies that support business operations in various market environments.

Imagine that you are a financial manager researching investments for your client. Use the Strayer University library, located at to research the stock of any U.S. publicly traded company that you may consider as an investment opportunity for your client. Your investment should align with your client’s investment goals. (Note: Please ensure that you are

How has the “Go Green,” environmental sustainability movement changed your daily life

Has the “Go Green,” environmental sustainability movement changed your daily life (e.g., shopping habits, how you commute or dispose of waste etc.)? – If so, in what way? And why do you do these things?  Would utilitarianism and/or universalism explain your actions? Would profit maximization, if you’re discussing your behavior in the corporate context? –

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