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Disaster  Recovery and Business Continuity (DR/BC) Plan

Great progress has been made regarding the creation of the Disaster  Recovery and Business Continuity (DR/BC) Plan. This assignment will  address implementation issues such as reviewing policies, training, and  testing methodologies. In addition, preparation for implementation will  include mitigation plans prior to an event, during an event, and after  an event.

For this assignment, you will work on creating the section of your  DR/BC Plan that addresses implementation and testing. The topics that  must be covered are mitigation plans prior to an event, mitigation plans  during an event, mitigation plans after an event, policies, training,  the emergency response team, and steps to restore critical systems.

Week 4: DR/BC Plan Implementation

The project deliverables are as follows:

  • Update the DR/BC Plan title page with the new date.
  • Update the previously completed sections based on the instructor’s feedback.
    • Mitigation plans
      • Prior to an event
        • What steps can be taken prior to an event or prior to testing of DR/BC tactics to minimize any loss of business continuity?
      • During an event
        • Once a “jeopardy” situation has arisen, whether unintentionally  caused by normal business activity or caused by a manmade or natural  event, describe the steps that should be taken to control the situation.
      • After an event
        • After the event has ended, what are the steps and actions that must  be taken, and how do you learn from this event to prevent reoccurrences?
    • Policies
      • Research, identify, and document the various policies and procedures that need to be considered for inclusion in a DR/BC Plan.
      • Who will be responsible for writing these procedures and policies?
      • What approvals are required for such procedures and policies?
    • Training
      • What training is required? Consider the following groupings at a minimum:
        • Executive
        • DR/BC team
        • Middle managers
        • Department heads
        • Employees
        • Suppliers
        • Other
    • Emergency response team
      • Research and define the emergency response team as it pertains to your company.
        • Who should be included?
        • What roles do they play?
        • What are their responsibilities?
        • What triggers the ERT going into action?

Consider to what extent your design follows precedents (or deliberately deviates from them) and the reasons why

For this you are required to choose a building from the first half of the semester (Western architecture 1650 – 1900 AD) and imagine that you are its architect/designer and

What are the relevant laws that govern privacy in the workplace?

In addition to the readings assigned for Module 4, using the Argosy University online library resources or the Internet, locate and read two to three other articles on worker rights


Each student must complete the above case study on page 471 of the e-Text and submit  it online through the BLACKBOARD to the professor (the same way as you submit

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